Soldaat van Oranje - De Musical

From August 2018 Ludo returned in the Dutch succes production "Soldier of Orange", playing main character Chris de Vries. The story about Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema, who joins the Dutch resistance during WOII, is on stage for 8 years already and is sold out six days a week. Over 2,7 million people saw the show.

Foto: Joris van Bennekom

De Heren rond Rawie

"De Heren rond Rawie" is a music theatre piece written by Mattijs Verhallen, Ludo van der Winkel and Bas Maree in which they put the unprecedented poems of the Dutch writer Jean Pierre Rawie on blues. Based on the succes of their show, a crowdfunding was started, to record an album with these beautiful songs. To learn more about this crowdfunding and to donate, please visit this link to the Dutch crowdfundingsite,

Salaam Jeruzalem

Salaam Jeruzalem is a DNA Production (De Nieuw Amsterdam). The play is written and directed by Dutch director Gerardjan Rijnders and is about the life of the Dutch writer and poet Jacob Israel de Haan, murdered in Jeruzalem in 1924. 

Leven in het Lied - Mylou Frencken

The Dutch musical theatre-show "Leven in het Lied", by cabaretsinger- songwriter and actress Mylou Frencken is based on the book she wrote, also titled "Leven in het Lied". "Living in a song".  Mylou turned 50 this year and decided to interview 25 of her colleagues about what it is to write a song. How to write a song. Why to write a song. The interviews became beautiful conversations about music, text, life and death and of course love. In this show Mylou sings a selection of the most beautiful Dutch songs from the last couple of decades, accompanied by Ludo van der Winkel on double bass, Kim Weemhoff on percussion and Ronald Schmitz on guitar. Guest appearances by (amongst others) Brigitte Kaandorp, Kees Torn, Frans Mulder, Jan Boerstoel and Kiki Schippers.

To order this book online, click here.